What we do

We love mother nature project

We work with youth and empower them through capacity building and civic engagement. We provide training on leadership, critical thinking, personal development, volunteer management and social entrepreneurship using a non-formal education approach that enhances personal growth and social impact. We sponsor a series of youth groups including SDC, Ha Noi Du, Tottochan.  We also unite other youth and volunteer groups in Vietnam by creating networks by using social media and volunteer activism.

Youth development projects:

You can check more activities of the youth groups sponsored by CSDS in our magazine

Community Development

We intervene at the community level to improve the livelihood of the poor, ensure children’s right to better education and raise awareness on environment, water and sanitation issues. Our projects range from building schools and kindergartens for indigenous children, providing language and vocational training, educating on personal hygiene and school sanitation, providing micro credits for women and supporting community based ecotourism.

International Volunteering & Exchange

We offer many opportunities for volunteering and charitable action in Vietnam for both local and international volunteers, short-term or long-term, individuals or groups. Through this program, we support children through education or social welfare and support local communities through projects run by non-profit organisations. We also offer educational experience for Vietnamese young people abroad through volunteer and exchange programs.

International volunteering projects:

Training & Research

Building on our expertise in youth training, we are pursuing opportunities to develop and expand our non-formal training courses and materials to create formal training programs including recognition as University qualifications. Research will play a strong role in informing and strengthening our work and we will build on our research linkages and partnerships to develop our research capacity.

You can read more details about our most recent trainings such as I Commit and Knowmads Hanoi